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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Easing The Symptoms Of Menopause With Natural Remedies

Easing The Symptoms Of Menopause With Natural Remedies

By: Lee Dobbins

Menopause can be a trying time. Moodiness, hot flashes, and reduced sex drive are nothing to look forward too! Luckily, there are many natural alternatives that women can use to help relive the symptoms of menopause.

Below are some plants and herbs that could help alleviate menopausal symptoms:

1. St. John's Wort - St. Johns Wort has been shown to help allevite hot flashes as well as reduce anxiety and stress. It can also be used to lift mild depression and has less side effects than drugs used as antidepressants.

St. Johns Wort isn't for everyone, however and should not be taken by anyon on Digoxin, Warfarin, anti-seizure drugs, Cyclosporin, Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors, and any HIV medication. Talk to your doctor or a natural therapist before taking St. Johns Wort.

2. Black Cohosh - Another herb that helps alleviate hot flashes. This can be taken in tablet form or used topically as a cream or pessary. It works great on hot flashes and also can treat general aches and soreness caused by menopause in addition to vaginal dryness. If taken in high doses, though, it can cause headaches.

3. Chamomile, valerian, and passionflower - These herbs are great as an herbal tea but also come in tablet form. They are very soothing and can help you sleep better as well as relive night sweats. Valerian can act as a stimulant in some people so it should be used sparingly.

4. Hops - Useful for menopausal insomnia, hops is also effective for treating hot flashes. This herb is not recommended for women who have severe depression.

5. Panax Ginseng - Traditionally used by the Chinese to help treat mental and physical stress, this herb can also help alleiate hot flashes caused by overwork and fatigue. This herb is not for prolonged use as it can cause your blood pressure to increase. Do not take a lot of caffeine when you are on this herb.

6. Flaxseed or Linseed - These seeds can help with constipation, are good for your heart and may reduce inflammation as well as vaginal dryness. Flaxseed should be ground in a grinder right before you eat it and can be added to cereals, salads and smoothies. Two heaping teaspoons should do the trick.

7. Licorice - Sorry, I don't mean the candy! Licorice is actually an herb and can be useful in treating night sweats. Not recommended for prolonged consumption as it can raise your blood pressure.

8. Lavender - Lavender has a very calming and soothing effect and can help reduce depression. It may also be helpful in treating migraines and headaches in menopausal women.

9. Oat Straw - Oat straw helps to nourish the nervous system. It can be added to porridge, muesli, and breakfast cereals and can help alleviate mental strain.

10. Lemon Balm - Lemon balm makes a great herbal tea and can help you when you are feeling a bit down. It has a calming effect and can help to relieve tension and stress. This herb works best when it is fresh, so why not plant one on the window sill and have a fresh supply whenever you want!

11. Siberian ginseng - A bit milder than Panax ginseng, this herb can help increase stamina and is good to take in times when you have increased physical or mental demands. Since it is milder than Panax ginseng, it can be taken for longer periods. Avoid this herb if you have acute infections.

12. Primrose Oil - Evening primrose oil helps can relive the dryness associated with menopause. It is also said to be good for the heart and will help promote healthy vibrant skin.

13. Dong Quai - This is a Chinese herb which can help to alleviate hot flashes especially those triggered by overworking and fatigue.

For many women there is no need to turn to harmful prescription drugs to treat menopause symptoms - Mother nature has provided everything you need! Before taking any herbs, however, you should consult with a certified natural therapist as some herbs can interact with prescription drugs you are taking and may do you more harm than good.

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